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6 June 1974

Golders Green Hippodrome, London, UK

White Rider [BBC1974, GOL]
Ligging At Louis [REc]
Lady Fantasy [BBC1974, GOL]
Arubaluba [BBC1974, GOL, REc]

Recorded by the BBC for "In Concert".

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Zitat von got the hump
Original BBC In Concert broadcast coupled with Andy Brown on 15 June 1974 had all four songs.
BBC Transcription LP CN2165/S had Raymond Froggatt on the other side and is missing Ligging At Louis.

Sometimes this is listed as being part of the "British Rock Festival" (or something similar) but I think someone just made that up, there's no suggestion in any archive record of this being anything other than a standard "In Concert" program.

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The following applies to this gig as well:

Zitat von longtalleric
Another interesting thing.
I found out that there are 2 "Hippodromes" in London:


I listed the venue for the 22 September 1977 concert as 'Hippodrome Theatre, London, UK', but realize it should be 'Golders Green Hippodrome' - see the 2nd wikipedia article that says that the 'Sight And Sound In Concert' shows were recorded there.

Zitat von got the hump

To revisit this having investigated a little further:

The Hippodrome in Golders Green belonged to the BBC and is often referred to in BBC material as "BBC Hippodrome Theatre". It is clear that when a BBC announcer mentions "the Hippodrome Theatre" he is referring to the "Golders Green Hippodrome" as distinct from the "London Hippodrome". On the BBC transcription disc for the 1975 concert Bob Harris says "BBC Hippodrome Theatre" which must certainly mean the venue in Golders Green.

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