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17 October 1975

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

Spoken Introduction By Peter Bardens [ALR2002]
The Great Marsh [ALR, ALR2002]
Rhayader [ALR, ALR2002]
Rhayader Goes To Town [ALR, ALR2002]
Sanctuary [ALR, ALR2002]
Fritha [ALR, ALR2002]
The Snow Goose [ALR, ALR2002]
Friendship [ALR, ALR2002]
Migration [ALR, ALR2002]
Rhayader Alone [ALR, ALR2002]
Flight Of The Snow Goose [ALR, ALR2002]
Preparation [ALR, ALR2002, REc]
Dunkirk [ALR, ALR2002, REc]
Epitaph [ALR, ALR2002]
Fritha Alone [ALR, ALR2002]
La Princesse Perdue [ALR, ALR2002]
The Great Marsh [ALR, ALR2002]
Lady Fantasy [LSc]

Drum track is not live but was recreated after the event, except on Lady Fantasy which first surfaced on the Universal promo pre-release of ALR2002, further details here.

Setlist on Pink-Camel

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The drum track on the 2002 re-issue of 'A Live Record' is the original (but poorly recorded) drum track which Andy Ward played at the Royal Albert Hall concert. It's the original 1978 vinyl release that contains Andy's re-recorded drum track (which I much prefer for its superior mix and sound quality).

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Thanks for your reply tonybaker.
Agree with you entirely about the superior mix on the original release, not just the drums but all instruments.

The drum sound on Lady Fantasy on LSc is quite a bit worse to my ears than the rest of the RAH gig on ALR2002, therefore I've always thought it used the redone drum track, putting the general difference in sound down to mixing. Now I'm thinking you might be right, but can you suggest a passage where the drums patterns are different so as to be certain?

Thanks, David

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David, I've not heard the version of 'Lady Fantasy' from the Lunar Sea compilation.

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Zitat von got the hump
Notes on:
17 October 1975 - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

The drum track of this recording did not turn out well because the drum microphones picked up a lot of background noise from the orchestra. To remedy this situation, Andy Ward recreated the drum track in a recording studio and that was used instead.

When Universal/Decca were preparing their 2002 remasters, promo versions were made and copies sent to CP for their endorsement. Included on the ALR2002 promo was "Lady Fantasy" from this gig recorded with orchestra. Andy Latimer was not satisfied with the quality and suggested that Universal get Andy Ward to redo the drums for this track to match the others. But to Andy's disappointment, Universal were not open to any suggestion of CP involvement and responded by simply removing the song from the reissue. (River Man and Autumn were also removed from 2002 remasters when it was discovered that these songs were created outside the copyright agreement between Camel and Decca).

Having removed "Lady Fantasy" from ALR2002, Universal instead included the song in its original form on the Lunar Sea Anthology, side-stepping CP's objection while capitalizing on it as the key selling point for yet another retrospective compilation.

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