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14 April 1976

Hammersmith Odeon, London, UK

Song Within A Song [MM2002, MM2009]
Excerpts From The Snow Goose (The Great Marsh, Rhayader, Rhayader Goes To Town) [MM2009]
Air Born [MM2009]
Chord Change [ALR2002, REc, MM2009]
The White Rider [ALR2002, MM2009, F2dvd, MDdvd]
Lunar Sea [ANs, MM2002, MM2009, MDdvd]
Preparation / Dunkirk [MM2002, MM2009, MDdvd]
Another Night [ALR2002, REc, MM2009, F2dvd, MDdvd]
Lady Fantasy [MM2009, MDdvd]

There is some confusion about the recording date (listed sometimes as 15 June 1977 or 17 April 1976), which is explained in the post below.
Also, on the back cover of ALR2002, Chord Change is attributed to the 1 October 1977 concert, but this is an error.

Setlist on Pink-Camel

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Zitat von got the hump
The Moondances DVD gives the correct info (Hammersmith Odeon 14-Apr-1976) but the TVE broadcasts produced some confusion by putting a notice at the start saying "ESPECIAL CAMEL 15-6-1977, edited from the release. I think this may have been the original broadcast date.

Zitat von longtalleric
The CP Webshop lists these gigs being from 17 April 1976 and 22 September 1977.
I knew something was wrong with these dates... :)

Zitat von Pink-Camel
If you are looking for is goog, so all the talk of 1976-04-14. The date of 1976-04-17, we mentioned at all in this context.
First Broadcasted 1977 - TVE2, Rebroadcasted June 24 and 26, 2006 - TVE 50 years

Zitat von got the hump
Well spotted lte. The 1976 date I assume they've typed incorrectly as it is listed as 14th on the sleeve.

But 22nd Sept 1977 is the correct date for the BBC Sight & Sound filming. 1st October was the broadcast date and Pete Drummond sneakily refers in his BBC announcements to the fact that Camel are playing at the Hammersmith Odeon "tonight" (meaning 1st Oct) whereas he was actually giving the announcement on location at the recording date 22nd Sept. This led to a lot of mislabelling of the gig date. I've checked the date quoted by CP with the BBC and it is correct.

Zitat von got the hump
First rebroadcasts were in June 2004 (Nostalgia channel) and a recording of this was used for the Camel Footage II DVD. Moondances uses a better recording from the June 2006 rebroadcast on TVE50, a channel created to replace Nostalgia but destined to close after TVE's 50th Birthday celebrations.

Zitat von got the hump
"Chord Change" is not part of this gig (don't think it was ever played in 1977). The ALR2002 back cover attribution is another error; however the correct attribution for the song (Hammersmith 1976) is given in the liner notes within the booklet.

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