Survey: Best Camel Title Track

Answers Percentage of votes Votes
The Snow Goose 14% 1
Rain Dances 0% 0
Breathless 0% 0
Nude 14% 1
Stationary Traveller 14% 1
Harbour of Tears 0% 0
Rajaz 57% 4
A Nod and A Wink 0% 0

Votes: 7
#1 Best Title Track by LarksTongue 03.10.2012 05:58

Which is Camel's best title track? (Anybody who votes for "Nude" gets a kick in the pants!)

#2 RE: Best Title Track by camelogue 03.10.2012 08:09


Rajaz, A wonderful song!! My favourite Camel song by far!

#3 RE: Best Title Track by Merlin 06.10.2012 18:49


Stationary Traveller, one of my all time favourite Camel tracks.

#4 RE: Best Title Track by ProphetInTheWind 07.10.2012 01:24


As always, I have to go with Rajaz simply because its from my favorite Camel album, and also because of the wonderful composition it truly is. Of course, a close second would be The Snow Goose because it is one of the first Camel songs I fully learned on the guitar.

By the way, its nice seeing you on here LarksTongue

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