#1 Happy New Year! by longtalleric 01.01.2013 13:30


Wishing you all a great, healthy and musical 2013!

#2 RE: Happy New Year! by Merlin 01.01.2013 20:30


Happy New Year all.

#3 RE: Happy New Year! by Pink-Camel 02.01.2013 18:52



I wish all the members (and those who want to become one) is also a Happy New Year.

The forum is dependent on new members and we hope that 2013 is looking up.

Unfortunately, my computer is completely broken so I just sporat access to the forum and the website have.

Again thank you all for your co. Especially the forums team be thanked.


#4 RE: Happy New Year! by longtalleric 01.01.2014 13:00


Wishing you all a great, healthy and musical 2014!

2013 was a great Camel year. Hoping 2014 will be as good!

#5 RE: Happy New Year! by jabocam 02.01.2014 12:34


I wish you all a happy and a healthy CAMEL-year.
I hope,that 2014 will be as good as last year!

#6 RE: Happy New Year! by Pink-Camel 02.01.2014 15:58


2014 Camel fans is quite an amazing year for us again. Since hardly any left to be desired. But the two forums admins want to have considerably more participation of ALL forum members. Currently, it's really depressing how quiet it is here. There is in my view no excuse!

There are only two things where quiet is desired. When fishing or in terminal care.

Here in the forum silence is absolutely deadly.

with progressive regards

german translation:

2014 wird für uns Camel Fans wieder ein ganz tolles Jahr. Da bleibt kaum ein Wunsch offen. Aber die beiden Forenadmins wünschen sich schon erheblich mehr Beteiligung ALLER Forenmitglieder. Momentan ist es wirklich deprimierend wie ruhig es hier ist. Dafür gibt es meiner Ansicht nach keine Ausrede!

Es gibt nur zwei Dinge, wo Ruhe erwünscht ist. Beim Angeln oder in der Sterbebegleitung.

Hier im Forum ist Stille absolut tötlich.

Mit progressiven Grüßen

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