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This section of the Pink Camel forum seemed a little too lonely, so I thought I'd show it some love.

I bought "Heritage" in January and it has convinced me that prog is not dead yet. I can honestly say that it is the best album I have heard in a long time. I don't know if any of you guys are into them, but I have really gotten into them over the past few months, mostly the songs without screaming hahaha. I personally don't like the screaming, but I can deal with it on some songs like "Hessian Peel" from "Watershed."

Since the band has been influenced at least somewhat by Camel, it is easy to see the resemblance of some tunes from "Heritage" to songs that could have been written by a modern Camel. Here's one that reminds me a lot of Latimer's acoustic guitar style.

#2 RE: OPETH! by Pink-Camel 04.05.2013 00:11


Hi Prophet,

Unfortunately, I know only this piece of music "Marrow of the earth" from the album "Heritage".
Since me the context to the other tracks on the CD. Assessed as of itself is "Marrow of the earth" quite shallow and musically very simple.
But as mentioned, I lack the context to the entire album.

ProgRock will never die as long as we keep this music, and coined the heart and live with it.


#3 RE: OPETH! by ProphetInTheWind 12.05.2013 01:35


Ah, yes Michael, this piece isn't one full of much depth, but I see it really as just a somber coda to the album as a whole. I'd suggest giving the album a listen if you ever do have a chance.

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