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Dear members,

I absolutely enjoyed the concert in Limbourg .
The first set was fantastic. The " Snow Goose " with new arrangements for all instruments , especially the keyboards! A broad tapestry of sound wafted across the stage and wrapped everything in a new pleasant sound.

Clearly we must not forget the drums and the guitar solo there, which also arranged a new role was more concise , but without being intrusive .

The new arrangement is a total win ! More dynamic , depth of sound , the " The Snow Goose " was dramatic and emotional effect on the fan . FANTASTIC ! !

In the second set , it was a thoroughly successful retrospective . Rarely played songs like " Tell Me" ( last live performance 1978-12-07 ) or "Wait" ( last live performance 1984-05-29 , Oslo ) . Unfortunately, I can not remember the correct order of songs in the second set myself .

The band was in a state of absolute fit. But conditionally weakened Andrew something that I noticed during my talk to him. No wonder, after his long illness! This should not be a negative review!

I was very excited about meeting at least a person who knows the "Pink Camel". It was our Mitlied "Audioot" (Marcel) from the low loading. Thank you, I've met you there.

To all who have the concert still to come :
Much, much joy this evening.

With progressive regards

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Hi Michael, yes I agree reaaly good show, and was enjoying Snowgoose (hate to admit, but has never been a fav album for me (ducking) ;) But as you say: the new arrangement really give's it more body as I always thought the original sounded a bit "thin" (difficult to explain). Well had a real nice evening, talked with all the band members, and they all appreciated our interest. Ok, will report back for tomorrows gig in Amsterdam.

Ps: you forgot to use the spoiler button :)


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Great, the entire Limbourg concert is now on dimeadozen.
The link is:

Thanks goes to the recorder.


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Hm need an acoount to access that

#5 RE:24-10-2013 - Limbourg, Le Kursaal (BE) by Audioot 25.10.2013 12:49


Talked to all 5 of them last night in Belgium. they took all the time needed, very admirable guys! Signing all that was under their noses . lol. Enjoyed the show. Also met Michael: Hi mate! I planned to do merch shopping in A'dam tomorrow, but noticed they ran out of stock of several items pretty quickly (It was a busy stand, doing good business), so got me the new Snowgoose plus T-shirt, and the Hoodie jacket. Will serve for the next gap in years :) (hope not)

Anyone remember the setlist? I noticed some from UK's lists were not performed, like the Never Let Go (for Pete) and I think Mystic Queen ?

#6 RE: RE:24-10-2013 - Limbourg, Le Kursaal (BE) by pindaya 31.10.2013 00:40


Found this one......easy to listen:
go to; Camel2013-10-24LimbourgBelgium.asx

Have fun & all the best.

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