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Camel Productions finally updated their website, and have made a statement regarding their recent silence. Sounds like the break has been good for them!

"NEWS for August 2014

We have been unusually silent since the tour due to a number of causal factors, the first being an appallingly poor state of connectivity to the internet. Dial up speeds jettisoned us back to the prehistoric days of yesteryear, making any internet activity impossible. The enormous workload of post tour production coupled with our communication disability began to bog us down and Andrew's knee replacement surgery beckoned on our timeline's horizon. When close associates said 'you need a holiday' we protested saying we couldn't just close up shop until another friend asked us the simple question 'why not?'. Having no plausible reply, we decided to get out of Dodge on the first stagecoach going… anywhere.

And what a good idea it was. Soon after, Andrew went to get his new knee and we elected not to reopen for business. Another good idea. Anyone who thinks their Auntie had a knee replacement and was running about like a spring chicken 2 weeks later needs to rethink that timeline as well as their perspective. It's a major surgery accompanied by colossal challenges during recovery, most particularly during the first few weeks. That stage was set for us, and once past, it was a slow and gradual process. He continues to do well and despite the uphill struggle at first, he's happy to be free of the pain his old knee caused him. It's remarkable that modern medicine is capable of this, and we are certainly grateful to be among the fortunate who benefit from it. Old age just doesn't come on it's own.

As Andrew focuses on his recovery, there's a rather exciting event coming up in September. TeamRock are holding the Progressive Rock Music Awards and CAMEL are nominees in the "Live Event" category. Disappointingly, due to our connectivity problems, we haven't been able to post the link for voting, but here it is: VOTE FOR CAMEL In many ways, just being nominated is an honour for the band, especially having been away so long and fighting battles on so many different fronts. We're very much looking forward to the evening.

We hope to have our shop open again in the very near future. We have a few challenges with it, not least trying to find better shipping rates, however we will be open as soon as possible."

#2 RE: Update from CP by longtalleric 10.08.2014 15:52


Thanks for sharing the update!

#3 RE: Update from CP by PJayBe 11.08.2014 20:14


Knee replacements aren't fun, my mum had both done over a couple of years a while back. The good news is that 6 months on she was getting more active, and 12 months down the line was positively bouncy (by her standards).

Nice to have an update on things (and I've already voted).


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