#1 Thoughts on forum / Gedanken zum Forum by Pink-Camel 12.12.2014 17:26


Okay, I have to accept that this forum, which is still the only existing Camel forum worse and less visited members has, as a forum for "Bay City Rollers" or a lesser known band. This is ridiculous and sad at the same time.

What are the reasons?
I think this question can any answer for themselves.
It is largely disinterest (even some forum members).

I would like to thank at this point in the Forenmitliedern, the almost daily
visit this forum. Many thanks to "Audioot" and "fries are always".

How is the forum in the following year, is not expected. My wish is of course a step forward. To maintain the status quo may not be desirable.

Please let us work together.

With progressive regards

German translation

Okay, ich muss akzeptieren, dass dieses Forum, das nach wie vor das einzig existierende Camel-Forum ist, schlechter besucht und weniger Mitglieder besitzt als ein Forum der "Bay City Rollers" oder einer weniger bekannten Band. Das ist lächerlich und traurig zugleich.

Was sind die Gründe dafür?
Ich denke, diese Frage kann jeder für sich beantworten.
Es ist zum grossen Teil Desinteresse (auch einiger Forenmitglieder).

Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle bei den Forenmitliedern bedanken, die fast täglich
dieses Forum besuchen. Vielen Dank an "Audioot" und an "pommesgibtsimmer".

Wie sich im folgenden Jahr das Forum entwickelt, ist nicht absehbar. Mein Wunsch ist natürlich ein Fortschritt. Den Status Quo zu halten kann nicht wünschenswert sein.

Lasst uns bitte gemeinsam daran arbeiten.

Mit progressiven Grüssen

#2 RE: Thoughts on forum / Gedanken zum Forum by PJayBe 12.12.2014 21:21


At the moment we are in period of downtime for the band, so naturally I feel the forum will follow suit. I find this happens a lot on other band's sites when they are "between" albums or tours.

I'm sure that a new (or indeed a new-old) release will set things moving again, as will next years live dates.


#3 RE: Thoughts on forum / Gedanken zum Forum by Pink-Camel 12.12.2014 22:51


Hi Philip,

sometimes you're right with what you say. But only partially.
If I'm a fan of Camel, then I'm not in this "part-time".
True to the motto: "If I hear anything new from Camel, then I'm freezing my a fan activities to an absolute minimum.
That can not be somehow!


#4 RE: Thoughts on forum / Gedanken zum Forum by PJayBe 13.12.2014 01:03


It's not about cutting down to a minimum, it's just that we have more to discuss when there's activity on the band front. I still listen to Camel, but active dicussion about bands and their music tends to be more prevelant during periods where the band are more prominent in the media and therefore our attentions. I listen to so many different bands that it's often difficult to keep up with online activities about them all.

Keep up the good work, I'm sure the band will!!


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