#1 RE: Abbreviations of official releases by jabocam 05.04.2015 21:42


Hello Michael......
Why can't I find your name in the list of fan-pages on the official Camel website?
If someone belongs there,it is Pink-Camel!

#2 RE: Abbreviations of official releases by Pink-Camel 05.04.2015 23:54


Thanks Jan, I'm very flattered ...
It is quite possible that the website "Hot Pink Camel" is not listed there, because a large part of the Website, the evil theme "bootlegs" treated. So it will be probably why the forum is not our well respected there.

It's very strange because Colin and Andrew thanked for my work.

Listed are some sites that are no longer updated for several years.

I would be very happy if the website and the forum would be listed there.
Please find other fans who recite this concern Camel.
The contact form can be found here www.camelproductions.com/ under "about us".

#3 RE: Abbreviations of official releases by jabocam 06.04.2015 11:26


I have writtn a recommendation on the Camelsite.
Let's see,what their reaction is.
I,m ver curious...

#4 RE: Abbreviations of official releases by Pink-Camel 06.04.2015 18:39


Hello Jan,

I thank you for your efforts. But I guess the situation so that you will not get an answer. Yes, it's really strange, the outdated fansites and even some that no longer exist are preferred. But with this kind of appreciation must live well the project "Pink Camel."

The whole thing is quite incomprehensible. I have seen on a Camel concert in Cologne fans who have insulted and mocked me.

I am thankful for every fan Camel who thinks so, as you do.

Hier der Text in deutscher Sprache

Hallo Jan,

ich bedanke mich für Deinen Einsatz. Doch ich schätze die Situation so ein, das Du keine Antwort bekommen wirst. Ja, es ist wirklich merkwürdig, das veraltete Fanseiten und sogar welche, die nicht mehr existieren bevorzugt werden. Aber mit dieser Art der Wertschätzung muss das Projekt "Pink-Camel" wohl leben.

Das Ganze ist schon recht unverständlich. Ich habe auf einem Camel Konzert in Köln Fans erlebt, die mich beschimpft und verhöhnt haben.

Ich bin für jeden Camel fan dankbar, der so denkt, wie Du.

#5 RE: Abbreviations of official releases by jabocam 08.04.2015 19:41


I will wait a while for a reaction.
If it is true,what you said about getting no answer,it is a bit shamefull.
Maybe we must all write a recommendation on the Camel site!
That should be a great way to reach a lot of fans also.
It is also not fair to insult and mock you.
Were they Camelfans or what????

#6 RE: Abbreviations of official releases by Pink-Camel 08.04.2015 23:57


Actually, it's not tragic that I am not appear on the official website Camel. There are more important things in this world. That would be world peace, hunger in this world etc.
It annoys me just something to be ignored. But you would not die well known.

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