#1 R.I.P Guy LeBlanc by Merlin 28.04.2015 14:29


From C.P News;


It is with a hugely heavy heart that we announce the gentle passing of our friend and keyboard player, Guy LeBlanc, on 27th April at 4:05pm EDT.

We are unable to adequately express the sorrow we are experiencing at this time. Our hearts are with his family, Shirley, Natasha and Kayleigh LeBlanc.

#2 RE: R.I.P Guy LeBlanc by Audioot 28.04.2015 15:01


Just read that.. very sad. He was a great guy, and fantastic keyboardist... Glad to have met him in 2013 R.I.P Guy.

#3 RE: R.I.P Guy LeBlanc by Pink-Camel 28.04.2015 19:36


It is undisputed Guy was a very good keyboard player. I really enjoyed the concert in Limbourg. Later, I also had the opportunity to talk with him at the bar. He was also a nice and interesting man. He certainly leaves a big gap that can perhaps be filled by musical skills, but Guy is above all a human. Here I would like to quote Immanuel Kant: "Who lives in the memory of his beloved, is not dead, he is only remotely death is, who will be forgotten..."

My heart is with Guys family!

#4 RE: R.I.P Guy LeBlanc by longtalleric 28.04.2015 21:53


Very, very sad news. As Audioot says, I'm also very happy to have seen him play an amazing gig, and met him afterwards, in 2013. He was a great musician and very friendly person. He'll be missed.
RIP Guy.

#5 RE: R.I.P Guy LeBlanc by Pink-Camel 01.05.2015 08:25


Inspiration from Marianne Carter (Guys daughter) on Vimeo.

#6 RE: R.I.P Guy LeBlanc by camelogue 03.05.2015 12:34


Sad News. R.I.P. Guy!

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