#1 Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by longtalleric 15.05.2012 21:10


To avoid confusion, I started the subject with "wish", to make sure you won't get excited, as these dream sets don't exist.

As you may or may not know, Pink Floyd released a couple of super deluxe box sets. A bit too super deluxe for my taste as these boxes also contained stuff that degraded the value (imo!), like marbles and a scarf.

Anyway, on some Pink Floyd forums, people started threads about future sets - or what the current sets actually should have contained.

I thought it'd be a nice idea to start such a thread for Camel albums as well. :)

So, let's start with the superdeluxe edition of "Camel". What should be in the box?

- The album itself, of course - without bonus tracks but in the best available sound quality, also in hi-rez format
- A second album containing the demo's
- A complete live gig from that time
- All available video footage from that time
- A book with nice photographs and a lot of in-depth info about the contents of the box set.

What else? :)

#2 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by got the hump 16.05.2012 10:49

I'd be keen on having a 5.1 surround mix and stereo remix, as per the King Crimson 40th Anniversary reissues.

Maybe your formula LTE works not just for Camel but for all the albums. Except perhaps the live albums, but
maybe they will be rendered redundant by all the bonus live appearing on the studio albums.

#3 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by longtalleric 16.05.2012 12:37


Yeah, I thought about that after I posted my message. :) This formula would work for any Camel album.
Personally I don't really care for a (newly created) surround mix but I completely understand it'd be appreciated by many.
But I'd still be interested in the live material! :)

For Camel: a full gig from 1972 or 1973
For Mirage: a full gig from 1973 or 1974
For The Snow Goose: a full gig from 1975
For Moonmadness: a full gig from 1976
For Rain Dances: a full gig from 1977
For Breathless: a full gig from 1978 (or early 1979)
For I Can See Your House From Here: a full gig from (late) 1979 or (early) 1980
For Nude: the full Wijchen gig from July 19, 1980, or a full gig from 1981
For The Single factor: a full gig from 1982
For Stationary Traveller: a full gig from 1984
For Dust and Dreams; a full gig from 1992
For Harbour of Tears: a full gig from 1997
For Rajaz: a full gig from 2000 or 2001
For A Nod And A Wink: a full gig from 2003

Of course no gigs that have been released already. :)

#4 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by got the hump 17.05.2012 12:08

After getting 5.1 speakers on my PC and hearing the Nick Davis surround mixes of the Genesis albums, I've become a convert. Hearing discrete instruments in the mix gives the opportunity to experience the album afresh, coupled with the fact that the original 70s mixes often sound muddy in the digital age.

Complete live gig from each tour would be awesome indeed.

I would love to get some idea of how much material Andy has archived, something like the tapelist from the Farm that Bill McCormick posted on the Genesis forum would be fascinating. Shame really that no pure soundboards have ever been leaked - every pro recording we have is from a radio show :'(

#5 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by longtalleric 17.05.2012 12:20


I admit that surround versions give the opportunity to hear the separate tracks better, and you'll hear things you never heard before. This is very exciting indeed. Even when you play a surround mix through stereo headphones (in that case the surround mix is 'degraded' to stereo, of course), the experience is amazing.
But it's not that I'm always listening that way. Listening to a 'normal' stereo mix is more natural in daily life. For me, that is.

Maybe Camel didn't record that many live gigs on multitracks?

#6 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by got the hump 17.05.2012 14:02

My guess is that apart from the live recordings made and archived by Decca, now largely released as bonus tracks, no multitracks were made until the 1992 tour when CP needed to generate material for their own official releases. But soundboard tapes such as used for On The Road 1982 can be quite acceptable as archive releases and could generate reasonable revenue for CP without too much effort.

#7 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by zarguy 17.05.2012 18:24

I have a boot (not my recording) of the 2000 tour at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. The Saturday night show - Aug 26 2000 was exactly what I went for - to hear Andy make that guitar cry & scream. Even thought there was no flute nor anything from Snow Goose, it was by far the best Camel concert ever.

It took a couple of years to finally get a recording. I think the official release - the Paris Collection pales in comparison. The bummer is the 2 bozos talking during many of the songs.

I wish there was an official release of the show recorded professionally without the idiots who couldn't keep their mouths shut during the music.

Here's the setlist:
Three Wishes (Wow!)
Nimrodel/White Rider
Another Night
Chord Change
Watching the Bobbins
The Hour Candle (Wow!)
Fingertips (Wow!)
Slow Yourself Down
Eyes of Ireland
Sending Home the Slates
Rajaz (Wow!)
Mother Road
Ice (Wow!)
Lady Fantasy
Straights of Malaga

Thanks for indulging me.


#8 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by longtalleric 17.05.2012 19:43


I have a recording of this show - I'm not sure it's same you have.
On my version, the last track on disc 1 (track 11) lasts for 4 seconds. I don't remember what these 4 seconds contain but I guess it's not much. I'll give it a listen one of these days.
I'd happily upload it (to yeeshkul for instance) ;) if you'd be interested.

#9 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by Pink-Camel 17.05.2012 22:00


Both of you talk about this bootleg?

Setlist on Pink-Camel

#10 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by got the hump 17.05.2012 23:12

I'm with you Lynn, Rajaz tour was amazing. My favourite all-time gig was at the Leadmill, Sheffield where the band were on fire. There's a clip on youtube (not mine)

#11 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by zarguy 20.05.2012 03:31

I didn't get my copy with any artwork, so I don't know if what you have is different. Are there 2 guys talking right at the beginning of Three Wishes saying "I bet these guys have regular jobs"?
I was in the balcony & thought I saw a guy near me taping. The recording I have sounds like it was down on the floor where the tables were. I'd love to hear any version. How can I find the one you show?


#12 RE: Wish: Camel deluxe dream sets by longtalleric 20.05.2012 12:08


My version must be the same as yours, Lynn, as I also heard these guys talking about 'regular jobs'. So I guess it wouldn't make sense to upload my version. Maybe Michael's version is different? The way the recording is tracked is definitely different, and the timing is a bit different (mine has a total time of 139:37 but that doesn't really say anything).

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